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March 22, 2011

Today,I had something more satisfying :D

Velvet burger for lunch ! Every Tuesday,it's two for a price of one ! So I bought and then share with my boyfriend :D
red bean soup ! Ahhhh so asian :D I'm loving it ! Drinking hot soup during the cold weather is awesome ^^

I went to Science library to do my Food Science report until 11.00pm because I need to let my lab demonstrator to check it tomorrow at 1.45pm =P

Wednesday,March 23,2011

I think I'm going to spam my blog with the foods I eat here LMAO ! Anyway today,I managed to complete my Food Science report and allow my lab demonstrator to check :D Actually I only need to hand in next week but I just wanna let her check to make sure I'm at the correct path XD
had Spaghetti for dinner :D

Fuuuhhhh,having Human Body System exams this Saturday ! Yeah I know FML Exams on Saturday ! And I haven't started studying LOL

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