Preparation For Exams

March 25, 2011

Thursday,March 24,2011

Seriously I think I'm going to spam my blogs with foods I eat here LMAO ! Nothing much to blog about because my university life is just another ordinary life and I use pictures to blog..and weird thing is,people here don't take pictures (Don't ask me why..I also want to know why)

had Salmon + tuna mini sushi for lunch ! Nahhhhh not just that..had instant noodles as well,what to do? University students don't earn eat bread and instant noodles all the time lor! LOL

Friday,March 25,2011

Tomorrow is my Human Body System Term Test and I am so not prepared ! Haven't finished studying ! So I skipped all lectures today,went to boyfriend's place to study for it ! ARGH!
and I wrap so many "dumplings" at his place LOL..too cold ! My nose is like running tap water..
had Subway for lunch ! Subway here is cheaper than in Malaysia
made jelly for desserts ! Made it last night..but you know,we need to leave it overnight to gel before consuming it :D

Exams tomorrow and I'm worried ! Hopefully I can do well :) Gonna sleep early today ! Tata !

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