Saturday Night Steamboat

March 05, 2011

I was invited to boyfriend's flat for a steamboat ! He invited all his friends and I asked Siew Lee to tag along too ! :D The steamboat starts at 6.00pm but we only get to eat at 7.00pm XD

wah so many things for steamboat !
Chee Li Kee and Siew Lee
Liki and Siew Lee
one of the nostalgic effect by Canon G12 ^^
yay start eating lor!
caught a picture of Davence and Angela HAHA

Kai Wei went home already so she wasn't in the group picture below =( Anyway after steamboat,we watched "Gulliver's Travel" together!
#1 Lucas,Zia Yew,Joyce,Siew Lee,Liki,Brynn,Davence and Angela
#2 just a really random shot
Zia Yew,Lucas,Joyce,Brynn,Chee Li Kee,Siew Lee,Davence and Angela
#3 LMAO at Davence and Angela..they are such a cute young couples lor..the whole house only me,Brynn,Kai Wei,Siew Lee and Lucas are 1991..others are younger than us T_T
#4 all looked so happy yay!
ice-cream for desserts
Davence and Joyce
Joyce fell asleep watching Gulliver's Travel..and there's Davence,covering her with the blanket LMAO

Steamboat is really fun! We chat,gossip,laugh LOL! Apparently it's their tradition to have steamboat once in a while..everyone chipped in $10 for the foods and the drinks..fair enough? Can't wait for the next steamboat !

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