Study Life In New Zealand

March 07, 2011

It's Monday ! Kinda lazy to go class but I will still attend class XD Almost every morning,I will walk to lecture with Siew Lee because we're in the same class (most of it) Or else,I will walk alone =X

it's always so nice I get to see seagull here EVERYDAY ! They are so cute ! Like to see the way the walk ! like duck but they can fly WTF
Siew Lee and I are big fans of Hello Kitty LOL
I came back to cook in between classes if I have too long first macaroni cheese ! But it was too salty..PHAILED!
just a glimps of my lecture at St Davids..they live stream the lectures from other lecture hall because too many student and only one lecturer for that subject

So practically,this is how my study days are like..

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