Sunday Clears The Rust Away Of The Whole Week

March 06, 2011

Alvin asked me to try Hell's Pizza as it's the most famous pizza in New Zealand ! I always walked pass this restaurant when going out to do grocery but I never walked in to check this morning,I asked boyfriend to take me to Hell's Pizza to give it a try =D

looks scary eh? the counter is a RIP stone
waiting for my pizza
Hell's Pizza menu
boyfriend ordered Kumaru chips because he said I should try it..wah the box so scary lor
Kumaru chips is delicious! It's like sweet potatoes!
my pizza is here!
wah so huge ! 8 slices of pizza

Since it's Saturday and I wanted to buy gloves,boyfriend took me to shopping ! I bought 2 gloves from Farmers ! Yay ! Now my fingers won't be so cold anymore XD On the way back,I bought Rob Roy ice-cream !
They are famous here because it's $1.50 for big scope of ice-cream ! It tastes good too ! Eating ice-cream in a cold weather feels so good XD It's much bigger than the picture above..I ate it on the way back..

Rest for a while,did and laundry and then dinner time!
we had steamboat second round because there are leftover foods from yesterday !
We have desserts too! Apple crumble ( homemade ) and Cheesecake + cookies n cream ! Yum yum yum!

Everyone has class tomorrow so they left early..Felt so tiring but it's fun I get to spent time with boyfriend today ^^ Tomorrow class at 8.00am ! Tata !

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  1. yeah it is ! I can only eat 2 slices lol! It's yummy ! different from other pizzas XD

  2. yay! Yummy! But it's pricey la >.<


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