Three Labs In A Week

March 18, 2011

Thursday,March 17,2011

I have lab on last Tuesday,today and tomorrow ! OMG so stress ! Remember I told you I need to score 5/5 for the lab test just to score 1% to contribute to my final examination? T_T Each lab is about 3 tiring ! 3 labs this week is horror T_T

did you know stressed spelled desserts backward?

Thank goodness for a yummy sweet chocolate cake to brighten up my day :D

Friday,March 18,2011

TGIF ! Finally it's Friday ! But I have class from 8am - 6pm ! How to enjoy university life like that =_______= I had lab today again and so sad,I was sitting alone because the seat next to me is empty =/
Had potato top curry pie as breakfast at St David Cafe before my Chemistry class
urgh I'm so fed up with pimples ! Tell me how to get rid of them!!

My skin condition is really bad ! I wish I have some kind of magic to make all the pimples and scars to disappear ! ARGH!

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  1. chocolate on pic one ! chocolate solves everything in life..i eat 2 huge chocolate bars per day


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