After FOSC111 Term-Test

April 16, 2011

Friday,April 15,2011

Felt so tired today..the earliest exam time I ever had since SPM XD 8.00am =_=..woke up like an hour earlier to prepare,had breakfast and a little of reading..damn stressful ! My exam was held at BURNS 1..First time there and it was,so so only..I still prefer Commerce Building where I took my CELS191 haha..

After exam...............

bought Sara Lee Chocolate Cheesecake and went to boyfriend's place at night for movie ! Davence brought Angela too!
wah it was yummy ! Ice-cream on top and below is cookies ! Yipppeeeee

watched "Big Momma like Father like Son" movie with Sara Lee Chocolate Cheesecake as desserts ! Yum!

Saturday,April 16,2011

Went out shopping today..I always complain to boyfriend that he didn't take me to explore the shops and malls here ! Since I just finished my FOSC111 mid-term test yesterday,I have reasons to ask boyfriend to take me out shopping HAHA
the weather was so cold..Can you see that I'm wearing 4 layers of clothes? LOL
went to Number One Shoes ! OMG,the smallest lady shoe size was actually too big for me ! Guess I need to get kids shoes here..
doggy spotted in the car
Starbucks mug and bottles,coffees and etc
wah the tables is like the same everywhere lol
Double Chocolate Chip Frappucino
with cream and chocolate ~
a picture of us before going to New World to get stuff for dinner together ! Can't afford to eat out everyday =X

Bought a NZ key chain for souvenir,facial product and some baking ingredients..Gonna try baking tomorrow ! Had fun shopping with boyfriend ! But the weather was too cold to shop though LMAO

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