Bye Bye Easter Holiday

April 30, 2011

Friday,April 29,2011

Good Morning :) It's almost the end of Easter holiday and I didn't do anything pretty much this holiday ! What an unproductive holiday ! But it's great to take a break :) I pretty much just slack and relax myself during holiday..I love University..It's different from college, I get more breaks and the lecture duration is not as long as college's XD


What do I do during holiday? Online, Facebook and watch movies =P *mustremindmyselftostartstudying*

Oh,I watched the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton
Prince William, Kate Middleton California visit planned
Aren't they sweet ? :)

Saturday,April 30,2011

I will start studying tomorrow ! Definately ! Siew Lee is going to library to do her Food Science report and I'm gonna force myself to study by going to library with her XD

It's another relaxing day for me today =) Feel so lazy to step out from the house because the weather is getting really cold =/
Went to Korea House with boyfriend to eat Bibimbap !

Last day to relax myself and so does saying bye bye to Easter Holiday T__T

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