I'm Getting Better At Cooking

April 08, 2011

Tuesday,April 5,2011

Seriously I'm getting sick of eating instant noodles ! Not to mention I feel like my hair is getting lesser wtf ! I just want to eat ANYTHING ELSE except instant noodles ! Since market is having sales on udon,I bought it and fried udon for my lunch ! Much healthier than eating instant noodles !


Thursday,April 7,2011

Fried udon again because I want to finish the last packet of udon..Don't really feel like eating udon soup so fry it again =X
Hmmm it tasted better than the last time I cooked udon LMAO

Friday,April 8,2011

I'm considered new cook still..Not very good at holding knife..Resulting a cut on my finger when chopping onion XD
took out the plaster and it looked like this..no blood flow haha

Urgh I have exams every week ! Tomorrow is CELS191 exam and next Friday is FOSC111 ! CRAP!

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  1. Fried udon! Yumsss :D Anyways, good luck for your exam.

  2. yeah >.< bought lots of udon for this week haha..thanks girl !

  3. wow what the . . . take care oo! I mean the finger looks dry XD

  4. lol..yeah I took out the plaster already >.<


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