Stressing For FOSC111

April 14, 2011

Tuesday,April 12,2011

Desserts are always good to de-stress =X Bought watermelon ice-cream ~ Eating ice-cream during cold weather is AWESOME ! The ice-cream can hardly melt and your tongue can't feel anything LOL

the shape of the ice-cream so cute eh

Thursday,April 14,2011

I had three labs this week..It's so tiring and also, I have FOSC111 exam tomorrow morning at 8am ! Sigh...
did funny experiment of it is using hair and cold stick to test which part of my hand does not have touch/cold receptor and stimulate my hand using electric current LOL

It was painful for me ! But some people enjoyed that sensation =____=

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  1. That is really one cute looking watermelon icecream (:

  2. yeah ! Those seeds are red beans :D yummy !


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