We Heat The Oven So That Everyone May Bake In It

April 17, 2011

I bought ingredients yesterday and finally I can bake ! I miss baking T_T I can't bake back in Malaysia because my house don't have oven =____= I woke up early in the morning to bake ! I don't have egg beater,big bowl and weighing balance..I just estimate everything LOL I used fork to beat beat and mix flour,butter and sugar in a cooking pot XD

yay now gonna put in oven to bake !
checking whether it's done
finally done ! Chocolate chip cookies !
actually I wanted to bake muffin but it turns out to be cookies =P

It's still delicious ! Too bad I only baked 12 cups and I was so lazy to make another batch..it's tiring to mix everything with your own bare hands =_=

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