After Chem191 Term-Test

May 07, 2011

Woke up really early and get prepared :D Exam started at 10.00am and my exam hall was at Archway 4..

Chemistry exam was today and I think it went well :) Thanks to my previous A-levels knowledge in Chemistry..It really did helped me a lot =D

After Chemistry test, I went to OMSA (Otago Malaysian Student Association) for the annual OMSA Food Festival 2011

These are the foods on the menu :
Nasi Ayam (Malaysian Chicken Rice) – $6
Laksa Kelantan (Kelantanese Fish Nooldes) – $5
Roti Canai (Hawker-style Prata Bread) – $3 (2 for $5)
Murtabak Ayam (Chicken Turnover) – $4
Teh Tarik (Rich Frothy ‘Pulled Tea’) – $1

Desserts :

Pisang Babujah (Banana spring rolls) – $1 each
Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Kaya filling
Bingka Roti/Susu- $1 per slice
Kek Vico- $2 per slice
Ice Cream Cocktail- $2 per cup

It was cheap ! Well, it is cheap here in Dunedin =D

Reached there early because the foods were selling fast !
damn I looked like I gained weight
First thing I ate was the roti canai ! The roti was too dry, tasted like flour but the sauce was awesome !
laksa kelantan ! I never seen this in Malaysia before =X
coupons to buy food :D
our foods :D
it was crowded ! I guess every Malaysian miss their own country food =X
teh tarik :D Was too sweet though
I bought Magnum big choc bikkie ice-cream hehe..Must treat myself after studying hard for Chemistry
boyfriend and I cooked fancy dinner :) He said I did well in exam and wanted to treat me hehe
stir-fry vegetables
fried pork ball
steam pork and egg
errr...two piece of okra LMAO
*burrrpppppp* I can't move after eating..Need to roll haha

We wanted to eat out but it was raining heavily outside =X Oh yeah, I bought my Kathmandu Goosedown 700 3rd edition today weeeeeeeee~ I couldn't get it during Easter Sale because they don't have my size :( The weather is getting really cold and they were having "double-member discount" to celebrate new Winter season range I just got the latest Goosedown edition for 40% using the "double-member discount"..Oh well, the original price of it was $599.98 =X

I know right..damn expensive ! Was so sad I got it for 40% when Easter sale was 60% (for older version but don't have my size) I'm so broke now huhu..

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