Bread For Chemistry

May 05, 2011

Tuesday,May 3,2011

Been going to library everyday after class..Most of my class ends at 6.00pm and so, Siew Lee and I will head to library together, bringing out dinner and eat while studying in the library..

Yes, we are allowed to eat and drink in the library as long as your food doesn't make the library smell XD

picture in the Science Library toilet mirror... Yay to Hello Kitty iPhone case
and oh yeah, I made bread on my own :) Knead it with my sweat and tears LOL...we had to do it in our Food Science lab..I know it looks like stone but really, it's soft inside =P

Wednesday,May 4,2011

Davence said he spent too much money last month that he decided to freeze his Eftpos card (something like Debit card)
like literally freezing it LOL

Thursday,May 5,2011

Chemistry exam is on this Saturday and everyone is studying really hard ! Apparently most people failed Chemistry and so, everyone is working really hard this week ! The library is always full =X I often go library to study with Siew Lee starting from last Sunday
that student must have been studying so hard that he just fell asleep on the library chair

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