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May 24, 2011

I feel so relaxed today..Managed to wake up early for 8.00am class XD I missed all 8.00am class last week because I burn midnight oil every night LOL! Finally exam finishes and now, there's no more exam until finals..and finals is in 3 weeks time!

Just took a break today..Go class as usual..It was my last Chemistry lab today, I thought I could get to talk to my lab partner and keep contact with her in future but she was absent today =( We did our last exit test today and Siew Lee called me that time, I left my phone on the table and when she called, it vibrated loudly and everyone looked at me LMAO!Got chocolates from lab today :) Last Chemistry lab today..Gonna miss it badly T____T

Went to lunch with Siew Lee then..she had her food science lab also then she waited for me because her lab ended earlier

$3 lunch at The Cook..It was not bad eh ! Quite delicious and filling !

Oh you saw that tomato sauce there? Siew Lee didn't know how to open it and she spread it on me LOL ! My hair, hand, and my KATHMANDU has tomato sauce LOL! So funny..If it was me 2 years ago, I'll probably go mad, but nah, I'm not that short-tempered anymore :)

We went to New World after lunch because there's sale on L&P drink apparently and New Zealand Natural Ice Cream !
Yay bought New Zealand Natural Ice cream in New Zealand ! It was only $5.99 ! Siew Lee told me it worth about RM50.00 back in Malaysia =X Bought L&P drink for $1.89 ! I didn't take picture of it but you can see it here =)

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