Girly Day Out After HUBS191 Term Test 2

May 21, 2011

HUBS191 Term test 2 was held at College Auditorium(for me) at 10.30am today..I woke up 8.30am to do laundry, had breakfast and a little studying before heading to exam hall..

OMG, the exam was so confusing ! 30 minutes for 25 questions..kinda not enough for me ! T_T Hopefully I can do well..

Anyway, as usual, I will go out and relax for the day after every test and today, I went out with Siew Lee and Kah Yenn because it was Kah Yenn's birthday last week and we couldn't celebrate with her since we're busy preparing for exams =X

went to Golden Harvest Restaurant for lunch..the price is crazy ! But lunch set it still quite worth..

Siew Lee and I ordered first while waiting for Kah Yenn..she came late because she was waiting for her brother to pick up things for her place..She wasn't sure where Golden Harvest Restaurant eat so I went out to pick her and saw a parade..
Graduation parade ! I think is Medical and Biomedical students ! So cool !
I think it's their lecturer?
behind OUSA is the graduated students ! OMG so grant ! Can't wait to walk down the parade :D
I ordered Golden Harvest Roast Duck..OMG it was delicious ! seriously I never eat such delicious food in NZ before..
ordered Papaya bubble tea..YUMMMMMM~ The best bubble tea here EVER!
Siew Lee ordered Mui Choi Kao Yok..The mui choi is not really that amazing but kao yok is delicious !
Kah Yenn ordered Ma Po Tao Fu with Fried was a little spicy but really delicious ! Tao fu here is really expensive..I don't know why..
I looked like I haven't had nice foods in years
Liki and Kah Yenn in the toilet LOL..The toilet is really damn huge lor..
Liki, Siew Lee and Kah Yenn on our girly day out !

After that, we went shopping ! Walk around Meridien Mall and also shops because Siew Lee is having party tonight and she's looking for clothes to suit the theme "Back To School" lol..Kah Yenn bought sunglasses and shower scrub..I didn't buy anything because I feel like things here really overpriced ! I will go back Malaysia and shop gao gao !

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