OSC and OUHKSA's Food Fiesta

May 14, 2011

May invited me to join the OSC and OUHKSA's Food Fiesta at OUSA building today..OSC stands for Otago Singapore Club and OUHKSA stands for Otago University Hong Kong Student Association (I think =P)

We went there quite late and missed the egg tart! Oh no...I miss eating egg tart HUHU

The OUHKSA Menu:

- Soy Sauce Chicken Wings with Rice @ $5
- BBQ Pork with Rice @ $5
- Combination of Soy Sauce Chicken Wing and BBQ Pork with Rice @ $6
[The menu above come with veges and a cup of soy milk]
- Sinful Delight (strawberry/peach with whip cream on puff pastry) @ 3 for $2
- Soy Milk @ $1

The OSC Menu:
-Egg tarts @ 2 for $3
-Chicken Curry @ $3
-Bread/Rice @ $1
-Stewed Pork w/ Chinese Bun @ $2
-Stewed Pork w/ Rice @ $4
-Add on Stir-fried Vegetables @ $1

I bought Combination of Soy Sauce Chicken Wing and BBQ Pork with Rice for boyfriend..
and Stewed Pork with Rice for myself :)
a cup of soy milk for free for buying the food for boyfriend
wah so delicious :)

I went with Siew Lee because boyfriend is in library studying..But I went to library to meet up with him later because I need to do my report also =P

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