Holiday Day Nine - Transformer 3 in 3D

June 30, 2011

My first movie in New Zealand :D I am a big fan of Transformer xD Watched the first and second. Love it. So I must watch the third wan. IN 3D !

Even though I can't go to Mount Cargill to watch sunset, at least boyfriend allow me to watch movies xD

OMG. The cinema in New Zealand is awesome. Huge. Spacious. Comfortable. And of course, the price is also double of price in Malaysia. One thing good here is that we purchase one 3D glasses for only $1.00 and then we can use it for ANY 3D movies in the cinema. Unlike Malaysia, we actually pay the rent for the 3D glasses.

I really love the cinema here. I can't touch the front seat chair even though I've stretched my leg straight. The seat is like couple seat back in Malaysia.

Oh well, I guess Malaysians are more tiny in size anyway =P

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  2. where got! Malaysia have the same size 1 I think :P in One Utama XD

  3. Nope..seriously the space here is huge..the seat is even bigger than normal one-seat sofa you can find in Malaysia


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