Holiday Day One - Shopping

June 22, 2011

I had nightmare last night..That I actually haven't finished exam and missed one paper (as in didn't go for that exam)..WTF damn scary ! I quickly called bf and asked if I really finished exam LOL! It was like 4-5ish in the morning..Felt so bad =X

Went shopping with Siew Lee today =D It was really cold today..but who cares ! Nothing can stop girls from shopping XD

so tempted to buy these..luckily I didn't..later boyfriend scold me for wasting money =X
bought these's from Cotton On..Even though my flat has heater, but the floor is really cold especially if I go to the these slippers ain't for fashion
Had tandoori lamb for dinner with boyfriend and Davence ! Ahhhh so great ! First time eating NZ lamb ! Delicious but so fattening ! The oils...urghhh..

Watched two movies and Siew Lee came to the flat too ! We watched japanese anime -"Spirited Away" and Thailand love movie - "A Little Thing Called Love"

Ahhhhh...P'Shone is so cute ♥ (go watch and you'll know what I meant =P)

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  1. How long will your hols be? (: Happy Hols btw!

  2. My holiday until 10 July..So it's like about 3 weeks lah XD


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