Holiday Day Three - A Visit To Friend's Place

June 24, 2011

Last night, Kah Yenn, Siew Lee and I were chatting on MSN, saying that we should invade Ethan's place =X Ethan moved from Queen Street to Grange Street so we thought wanna pay him a visit and take a look at his place..He just moved in yesterday XD

Surprisingly, I woke up early today O.O So I chatted with Kah Yenn while waiting for Siew Lee to wake up and of course, texted Ethan what time we should head to his place..

After Siew Lee woke up, we went to Subway to get our lunch :D Ethan cooked himself and Kah Yenn has food provided from her hall so only Siew Lee and I need to buy our own lunch
Liki, Siew Lee and Kah Yenn
this picture is so funny..Look at Ethan's face!
and we just kept playing and messing around..
damn, I just realise 3 of us - Siew Lee, Kah Yenn and I has rounder face now LOL
we played poker cards and Monopoly card game and chat..

Then we headed to Kah Yenn's Unicol for a visit :D While she went to take her dinner, Siew Lee and I were hanging out in the Common Room..
it's so nice to sit near the fire..the weather is freezing~
Siew Lee decided to join in..

We then went up to Kah Yenn's place and explore her room..Wah, she has lots of junk foods in her room..And she keep making Siew Lee and I eat and take her foods LMAO ! We had pillow talk for like almost 2 hours XD

Then we headed back...It was nice to visit friend's place and get to see their rooms LOL!
just camwhoring in my room XD
Love my Canon G12
Everyone said they gained weight but I lose weight XD I think I have really high metabolism rate
last picture before watching movies and sleep !

Holiday is so fun !!!!

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  1. The common room looks so classy with the fireplace and comfy looking sofa xD

  2. yeah I know >.< They paid so much =X


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