Holiday Day Two - Spring Cleaning

June 23, 2011

It's great to have holiday especially after exams. I remember back in high school, we used to have holiday in between exams..yeah FML..It's not even like holiday because we're forced to study DURING holiday =X

Got a really good sleep last night :) Woke up quite early and started cleaning up my room a bit..Then boyfriend called and ask me to meet him at Meridian Mall for lunch XD I tried their Burger King and oh my...

it's AWESOME ~ It tastes SO MUCH BETTER than Malaysia's Burger King..The Burger King here tastes so great ! I just couldn't describe it with words =X

Came back from lunch and continue cleaning up my room ! Had vacuumed and wipe all the dusts collected on the desk and cupboard..gosh it's thick LOL

Watched Gossip Girls at night alone =____= Sound so sad but I don't feel lonely though haha ! Had a chat with mom before sleep..Love my family so much ♥

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