It's Holiday!

June 21, 2011

It was my last and final paper today - FOSC111

Finally ! After so long..It felt so long but yet so short? Bah I don't know what am I talking about..Woke up really early today, feeling stressed and sick..Felt like vomiting because ate too much maggi.. =______=

The facial expression of me before and after exam is really a big difference LOL..Boyfriend noticed it first XD So happy to see boyfriend after I finished my exam.. He was waiting outside the exam hall for me..Then we went to had lunch at Tokyo Express and drink bubble tea :D

He then left for class while I go shopping with Siew Lee at Meridian Mall ! Wah so happy after exams XD

Went to boyfriend's place for movie and dinner ! It was Davence's last day of exam today too ! So both of us celebrate !!!

ordered food delivery because we were all lazy to cook or go out to buy XD I ordered Shrimp Curry was $10.00 =X But it was free delivery !
Davence uploaded this picture on Facebook and his friend commented "hmmmm buy new tv or new table? "we can buy new tv and use box as table" HAHA...funny XD

Fuuuuh ~ Finally finished exam..gonna pamper myself to the max in this holiday..Now...where should I start?

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