My First Earthquake Experience

June 13, 2011

I have two papers left for the finals exam - CHEM191 and FOSC111...Two down and two to go :)

As you can see from my post title, an earthquake has just occur. A 6.0 magnitude earthquake hits Christchurch in New Zealand after a 5.2 hit earlier. I felt the 5.2 magnitude a little and then, the magnitude 6.0 was more significant.

I was in my room, using my laptop after exams and lunch then I saw the water in my bottle started to move left and right, my table started shaking and the curtain started moving. Yes of course I am scared ! I don't know what to do =____= In fact, I was actually tweeting about it lmao! My roommates in the room came out for a while then went back in. It was quite short and a mild shake. But as I'm reading news from Twitter, Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker said the earthquake felt at least as powerful as the February 22 quake, but much shorter in duration.

I guess it was quite a strong earthquake. Couldn't call out or text for a while. Boyfriend texted and said he felt an earthquake, asking if I do too. Quite scary eh =X I will take out my camera and record it IF it happens again =O

As for 3.57pm now, there are already 7 records of earthquake going on in Christchurch since 1pm - Measuring: 5.5, 4.4, 3.4, 6.0, 4.9, 3.4, 3.7 in order..
Hopefully Christchurch would be okay :) You can read the news here

Oh just some random comic found online..
Back to studying Chemistry paper for Wednesday finals !

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  1. waw,, take care friend,,, but don't worry, everything gonna be OK,,,

  2. LOL... the comic strip is funny... take care ya. Hope msia will be ok as well and no earth quake anymore in future

  3. omg!! dunedin can feel the earthquake as well? my family was worried even though im in auckland, kinda far from christchurch.. gosh take care ya sweetie.. ^^

  4. >muarra : thank u :) Apparently another earthquake strike last night :(

    >Henry : haha I just found it over the internet XD.. Malaysia no earthquake la..felt it only :P

    >Casley : yeah I can feel it over here :X scary wey ! You're coming down Dunedin?


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