After Snow

July 27, 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011

It stopped snowing. Now what? The weather was really cold ! I hate the after-snow day. All the snow melted and turned into ice. It's not cold to become snow neither does it's too hot to melt as liquid. So, ice was formed. I can't describe how slippery the road is. I skipped lectures today because I seriously cannot walk out from boyfriend's flat. It was too slippery.

Boyfriend made me hot chocolate with marshmallow to keep warm =D
I made soup for him since the weather is so cold and also, he eats instant noodle like EVERYDAY, need to drink something healthy =) Mom sent it from Malaysia xD

Davence went out and he told me he fell down like 3 times LOL walking down is hard but walking up is even harder ! Have to grab everything at the side. Saw this guy who broke the tree stick and use it to help him walk. Saw another one using skiing tools ! LMAO

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I managed to walked down to lecture from boyfriend's flat today. I had to ! Yesterday I skipped 3 lectures yesterday already because I was iced in ! It was really dangerous because the road was so damn slippery and boyfriend's flat was uphill. Even the car had difficulty to break and control before it skied away. Can you imagine how dangerous is was?
2011-07-26 18.20.03
Luckily the ice all melted..except some part
2011-07-26 13.21.39
Boyfriend's place was uphill so some ice it still not melted yet. The flat road ice was all melted. I was stuck here when walking back to boyfriend's flat after lecture. I was slipping down and it was so scary ! I was shouting "HELP!" lol..Boyfriend and Davence came out from the flat to help me up. It took us like 20minute to get me through. Boyfriend slipped down and he had to climbed up like spiderman XD

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The next morning, it was much better.
Some part of the road is still icy, so just don't step on the ice =X

I think I am beginning to hate snow now =/

Oh, show you something funny.
It was posted on the wall at St David Lecture Theatres. OMG ! No wonder they say Otago people are very naughty and playful lol. Wonder which department posted that.

Tests and exams are on the way ! Have to blog lesser already =X

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