Cadbury Chocolate Carnival 2011

July 28, 2011

I had facial appointment today and since boyfriend and my class ends at 12pm today, we went for lunch together and had a walk at Meridian Mall :) Cadbury Chocolate Carnival was held between July 23 - July 29 and there's lots of activities you can participate :D

making sculpture using chocolates (incredibly, it didn't melt at all..If in Malaysia, sure melt ady LOL)
the person who is demonstrating how to make the sculpture
my seagull =D
Must take picture with the seagull =D
then we can walk into the Chocolate House. Everything was made with chocolates. The floor too!
We can enter for free and get a free chocolate haha
Chocolate house ! I pull boyfriend in..He was like "No lah..why wanna go in" and etc..Haiyoh ! So not active wan!

I wanna join other Cadbury Chocolate event but it all clashes with my timetable ! I think this is the only event that I joined lol.

I then went for facial while boyfriend went for his next class. Went back to flat to do homework and a little studies before meeting boyfriend for dinner at Korea House. Oh ya, if you're wondering how come we keep meeting each other for lunch and dinner, it's our 30th month anniversary :)
Bibimbap ! I love it ! Korea House has the most authentic Bibimbap.
Boyfriend ordered...err, I can't remember. But the portion was SO SMALL ! No wonder no ang moh will eat here. Mostly only Asians will come here.
playing with my iPhone :X
ordered this fried wan ton and omg..It's the size of my last finger. So freaking small and it was like $6.00? Try once is enough. At least we know how it looks and tastes like =X

Time flies eh? :)

When we are young, we may want several love experiences. But as time goes on, you will realize that if you really love someone, the whole life will not be enough. Love you Brynn Ong :) Happy 30th monthsary ♥

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  1. wow, chocolate, so beautiful...and so yummy...hehe

  2. yummy.. love chocolate so mcuh.. great post here.. :)

  3. love cadbury!! i discovered many spots of cadbury in auckland too.. haha inside theme park somemore.. coincidently im posting about it, check out my blog.. ^^

  4. >lulu: I love chocolate too :) Thanks!

    >Casley: yeah I think it's like the whole New Zealand celebrating it haha. But of course, Auckland is bigger :)

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