Holiday Day Eighteen - Wanaka Day Two

July 09, 2011

Early this morning, everyone woke up early and went skiing already while Candy, Elsa, boyfriend and I were still sleeping on the bed :) We have the chance to explore around Wanaka because Tong Seng gave us the car keys :D

instant noodles again for breakfast URGH

I AM SO HAPPY because I DROVE IN NEW ZEALAND HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ! Okay actually I am not supposed to drive because I didn't bring my Malaysian driving license here and OH MAN I just remembered, I am still a P drivers ! Don't know if my mom renewed it for me already T_T
went to Paradiso cinema ! It's one of the cinema they introduced in Astro Travel Guide !
I was thinking what's so special about this cinema and now I know !
Can you spot that yellow car?
oh that's boyfriend, me and Candy
We watched Kung Fu Panda 2 ! So funny ! :D So much more relaxing than skiing ?
pictures with the cars
the cinema is so comfy ! Look at the different sofa ! Now I know why this cinema is special :D

After movie, we went shopping at the Town but it was raining =/ There's not much souvenirs shop compare to Queenstown so we went back to Backpackers to wait for them to come back from skiing
such a warm cozy place right?
this is where we eat and go online

Everyone that went skiing came back and said they didn't ski much because snow storm and they closed down the park =/ Luckily I didn't go !
we are ready to head back to Dunedin but first, group picture !
park the car, put camera, set timer, 10 seconds and *click* SMILEEEE :D
Bye bye Backpackers. You have been good and better then Backpackers in Queenstown.
last picture of me before leaving Wanaka.

We reached back Dunedin around 9+pm. We stopped few times and even in a bar because one girl was having terrible car sickness and we need to stop by the roadside a lot of time ! I chatted with the girls and sleep in the car until we are home !
After sending everyone else back,Tong Seng, Devind, Graham, boyfriend and I went to Tai Ping Restaurant to have our dinner
was so hungry that time =)

Went back home and felt so good =) I really did had a fun time in Queenstown and Wanaka ! First time experiencing snow and a lot of memories there ! I wanna go to Queenstown and Wanaka again soon :) And this time, I wanna make sure that I am going to ski !

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  1. The cinema sure is really special, the yellow car so cute can :D

  2. yalor! I've never been to such cinema before too XD It's like so homey. And ya, the yellow car looks like Mr Bean's car only LMAO


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