Holiday Day Fourteen - Velvet Burger and Facial

July 05, 2011

It's my second facial appointment in New Zealand. Hopefully I could see some results in my face =/

Since it's Tuesday, Velvet Burger has the 2 for 1 promotion when you tell them the password (where you can get from their Facebook fan page). Went there with boyfriend and also his student. I ordered my favourite Hangover Cure :) It has bacon, egg, hash brown, salad with Aioli and Velvet Relish goes down with double shot flat white :) Sounds delicious eh?

2 for 1 Tuesdays!
You have to checkout their fan page because it changes every month :)

I then went to facial while boyfriend walked around shopping while waiting for me :)

Ahhh feels so good after facial. I can actually see the difference NOW ! :) Hopefully my face could get better ASAP!

Packed my stuff tonight because tomorrow we're going to Queenstown ! WEEEEEEEE~

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