Holiday Day Thirteen - Chopstick and Pasar Malam

July 04, 2011

The weather was so nice today :) Boyfriend said he wanna stay in the flat and chill but I said, since it's such a nice weather and we're on holiday, why not go out for a walk? :)

We had lunch at Chopstick. It's actually my first time here. It's the most famous Asian Restaurant among students. The foods were just okay and it's actually quite expensive. Don't know why it's popular among students.

Shop around with boyfriend. We always go to Meridian Mall. Well, that's cause it's the only mall here in Dunedin =X Better than nothing.

bought hand cream :) Neutrogena hand cream is good !
had Wendy's frozen yogurt
mango + chocolate fudge + banana
nice ! First time having frozen yogurt !

Then, went to Devind's place because boyfriend said he wanna discuss medical stuff with him while I was using internet there. Tong Seng drove us to Pasar Malam later for dinner ! We were hoping for nasi lemak because apparently they sell nasi lemak last night and it was awesome ! But then today they didn't sell it because that uncle's son got in accident and he didn't make nasi lemak. HUHU Quite disappointing =/
I miss nasi lemak ! Although I can make myself, but it's not as nice as those in Malaysia. It's cheap in Malaysia too ! T_T

Oh and we met some people who are going to Queenstown with us this Wednesday :)

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