Nasi Lemak and Facial

July 20, 2011

It's such a nice day today. I don't have classes on Wednesday, just labs but lab haven't started so Wednesday is like a day break for me :)

bought flowers the other day at New World because it was only $1.75 and my mom say putting green plants next to my laptop on the table would be good for my eyes XD
went to The Rainforest Restaurant where they serve Malaysian foods. They were having $5.00 lunch for Medical student =X I am not Medical student but I just pretend to be one. LOL.
It was okay. I still miss Malaysian nasi lemak. But this one will do temporarily until I go back to Malaysia.

Went to facial after lunch while boyfriend walked around waiting for me. One thing about the facial here is that, at most it will only take 30minutes. Good thing is I can do it quick and then go back on working my usual stuff. Bad thing is that, I paid so much but they did it so fast. Hopefully the treatment would help though. I don't want my mom to see my current skin condition now huhu.

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  1. Drink more water for good skin. Don't get yourself tense up ;)

  2. yeah I did drink a lot of water =/ It's hard not to tense up myself though >.<


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