August 03, 2011

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I love eating cakes. I think everyone does? =P But I can't really find cakes here in New Zealand. The choices they have here is so limited ! I miss the variety of cakes I can find in Malaysia. I don't even remember seeing any other cake than chocolate cakes here =X

I miss eating cake so much and luckily, my favourite cake is chocolate cake XD I think it's quite expensive for the cake I bought because it's not like real cake, it's more like sponge cake with chocolate on top.
Oh well, this would do :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Boyfriend fell sick so I went to New World to get some chicken stock to make soup for him. I love making and drinking soup. Healthy much =D

And then..I spotted..
TIRAMISU ! FML the price is so expensive for 1 slice but I can't stand the temptation. I love cakes ! Urgh, why does it have to be so expensive !
Nevertheless, it was satisfying. It doesn't taste as nice as the Tiramisu from Malaysia but again, this will do =)

I think people here doesn't know how to eat ! They eat unhealthy food ! Too sweet and too fat ! No wonder New Zealand has high obesity incidence rate ! It's time for them to realised that there is much nicer and healthier food out there. I too, love sweet foods but I can't stand the sweetness they can stand. It's too much for me =X

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