Preparation For HUBS192 Term Test One

August 12, 2011

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Had Biochemistry lab today and if you remember my timetable from here, you would realised that I had lab at 6.00pm. Since boyfriend was at library, he will walk me back because he said it's dangerous for a girl to walk back at 9pm alone xD

was in library using computer while waiting for boyfriend after my lab. Notice the whiteboard? It's about the upcoming test on Saturday. Someone drew the heart. So nice.

Since I am quite free in this semester, I can plan my time well :) So everything is good so far :) I love my Semester two.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Tomorrow is my HUBS192 term test one and as usual, I skipped class one day before the test to prepare for it.
bought this double chocolate muffin from Coupland's yesterday for breakfast :D

When I was studying, suddenly someone knocked the door. Then I saw a parcel at the door.
it's from Mommy =DDDDD So happy to receive it !
I am so happy mom send me the crackers, soup, and spices ! Awwww I love my mommy so much.

It made my day :) Now I must study even harder for my family :D Gambateh !

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  1. The muffin looks so yummy and aww I love Hup seng cream crackers, so nice to eat it with milo (:

  2. Yeah the muffin was so huge haha. I love Hup seng cream crackers too! Can't find it here so need to ask mom to send it xD


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