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August 28, 2011

What a good day today ! The sun was so bright and weather was so warm :) Woke up early in the morning supposed to go down town to buy ingredients to make egg tart with Siew Lee. But she woke up late so we're only going to town at 12+

blue blue..everything blue =D

Went shopping with Glassons first because I wanted to buy clothes from Glassons. Glassons are NZ-owned shop and their clothes are based on NZ style (not Americans). I thought it was unique because you can only find this store in NZ. You can buy online but they only shipped it to Australia =X
New Zealand's Next Top Model Season 3 is currently featuring all the clothes from Glassons.

After shopping at Glassons and bought the ingredients, we went back and start baking ! We're making egg tarts today because we really love to eat egg tart. Bought some egg tart here but it's so expensive and none really taste authentic. So Siew Lee and I decided to make our very own first egg tarts :D
Some are bought, some are provided by me and Siew Lee
After filling the custards..
We follow the recipe we found online. It's from a famous chef in Hong Kong.
Camwhore XD
This was our second batch actually. We did our first batch and ask our friends to come and try. They love it ! But our crust were too thick. So we made a thinner crust for second batch.
this was the first batch..
dough..Siew Lee is damn good at kneading while I'm good at mixing..You need skill to make XD
We don't have the tart mould so we just use the muffin pan for the shape xD
and after it cools down xD
I love the outcome ! The second batch was awesome ! The crust was just nice ! And we made the egg look more yellow ! We modify the recipe ourselves HEHE. Didn't know we learn so many stuff from Food Science in First Semester :)

Supposed to hang out with boyfriend today because it's our monthsary today xD But boyfriend was busy and I was also busy baking. Boyfriend took me out for dinner after playing badminton with Davence :) I made egg tart from 3.30pm - 8.00pm ! Well, we made like 30 egg tarts and of course, we did some food analysis before our second batch so we can make it better. My monthsary present for boyfriend would be the egg tart =D
because boyfriend played badminton until 8pm and I made egg tart until 8pm, most restaurant closes at 9pm. So we walked quite far to look for food. Finally decided to just dine in Golden Harvest Restaurant.
Taro and Mango bubble tea
Boyfriend ordered sweet and sour pour
yummm it was delicious ! Very authentic.
I ordered Prawn and BBQ pork fried rice. I can tell you the rice is even bigger than my face. I can eat it for dinner, supper and lunch =____=
It was delicious too !

What a tiring day. Didn't know we actually need a lot of effort to make egg tarts ! My body aches everywhere. Fell asleep once I lay down on bed. At least our egg tart was a success ! One of Siew Lee's friend who tried the egg tart was like "how much are you selling it for? Will you make it if I pay you?" Haha. Before that they was like "you sure can eat? Does the egg tart has poison it in?" LMAO

So proud ^^

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  1. I love the sheer chiffon top from Glassons! Did you get it? It looks good on you. Wow, so many egg tarts :D Can I have one? Hehe

  2. >Hilda : yeap I got it :) Hehe. I only managed to eat 3 egg tarts myself because everyone took it HAHA.

    Blogs Of Hariyant : :)


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