Snow Again

August 14, 2011

I read weather forecast everyday that my boyfriend said I can be his "LIVE" weather reporter because I will be like "wear more clothes today ah, very cold" or "it's slippery out there, be careful :)"

The weather forecast predicted that it will snow again this weekend and it's gonna be a heavy snow. It was right. The snow was really heavy. The wind was blowing strongly. I wanted to go out and play snow but it was far too cold. The temperature reaches the minimum temperature it ever goes for decades.

I stayed in boyfriend' flat whole day because it's rather warm. Everything is so white outside the window. I made a video about the snow since I couldn't go out and take photo with the snow.

It's beautiful eh? :)

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  1. nice, but just curious, why cannot take pic outside? Camera no protection?

  2. Hi. You can read me playing in the snow here :)

    The reason why I can't take picture outside is because the snow was too heavy and it's not safe to go out :)


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