It's Time To Spring Forward

September 27, 2011

It's really confusing whether to change the clock 1 hour earlier or 1 hour later. Daylight saving starts at 2am on Sunday morning and I have to put my clock forward one hour before going to bed on Saturday.

That means I lose 1 hour of sleep because of this Daylight Saving ! Not to mention, I will lose 1 hour each day to study for my test this Saturday ! How does daylight saving even work? Urghhh..

It’s always a bit confusing to remember which way the clocks go but if you remember the phrase “Spring forward, Fall (as in Autumn) back” you’ll be sweet as. =D

How crazy has the spring weather been already, four seasons in one day? I thought Spring supposed to be the best weather ! Oh well. Can't leave my flat without my down jacket just in case.

I know I am supposed to STUDY not blogging here !! OKAY I WILL GO NOW..I am my stress

PS: NZ is now 5 hours ahead of Malaysia instead of 4. That means, it is 10.06pm (27/9/11) now in New Zealand while 5.06pm (27/9/11) in Malaysia. Oh ya, I am living in the future while you (if you are from Malaysia) are living in the past LOL =)

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