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September 22, 2011

One of my goal in my life like besides getting house, lots of money (yeah I'm that realistic), is to get a car. People in my high school use to say like "to get women, you need to get the 3Cs' - Car, Condo, Cash. Nah, I don't think it is 100% true but if it is, it's still a plus eh? :)

I was searching on the net about car prices and found this website which sell cars with reasonable prices. I was particularly searching for Myvi for fun actually that time. If you guys know me, I drove Myvi back in Malaysia. I know it's not like some fancy sport car but it is good enough for me. Myvi is small and cute but comfortable enough for me. I don’t need like big cars LMAO. Come to think of it, I never actually drove BIG cars before! See, during driving test, I drive Kancil and right after that I drove Myvi. LMAO.

Anyway, I was searching on the net to see if they sell Myvi in New Zealand and I want to compare the prices in Malaysia. Unfortunately I don’t think you can get Myvi in NZ but, I do want to share this new website I found from Google.
I shall particularly post the link on Myvi prices here -


This website sells new and used cars on website with over 2000 cars for sale online. They have other car categories like Audi, Toyota, BMW, Hyundai and etc.

You can too sell your cars online in this website. They have information car accessories too. It’s not only within KL but also places in Selangor, Penang and Johor. Other places can also be found if you use the search bar in the website.

Just register and login then you can contact the sellers for your dream car. =)

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