Lunch and Asian Market

September 22, 2011

The place I'm at, Otago is probably the place that support England because England flags can be found almost everywhere! Last Sunday, I went out lunch with boyfriend today and realised the road is closed. Again. Yeah, whenever there's Rugby match in Otago, they will close down the road :D

the chicken rice from Sampan Noodle House.
Doesn't really look like the chicken rice I used to eat back in KL but this will do XD
while I was eating in the restaurant, there's this tall clown running up and down, fooling around
Don't know where he get that ribbon to play LOL
and saw this "statue". oh boy, must be so hard for her to stand there and not move. The wind was quite strong today and she must be in cold.
oh back to the clown, disturbing people eating or drinking at the bar
there's live band performances too
and now the clown disturb the "statue"
the "statue" shoo-ed the clown away and continue being a "statue" Haha

I was planning to go Medical Library with boyfriend after lunch but Siew Lee then texted and asked me to go to Sew Hoy (Asian grocery) with her. Since I have never been there, I decided to go. It took me 40 minutes to reach there and I was too excited to see all Asian things there especially Chinese stuff. Sorry I didn't take picture in the store because I was too excited and started buying everything I see LOL.

I spent 3 hours in total to go and come back from there. I wanted to take bus because I was carrying lots of stuff but I forgot to bring coin wtf. Anyway, here's some stuff that I bought from Sew Hoy:
barley, red dates and etc to make soup and desserts
and another of my childhood

Was so tiring because I then walked to the other side of the road to get grocery of the week. Bahhh~ My leg hurts so badly XD
Ending this post with a picture of boyfriend and me. Psss...He look so cute with his new haircut he got it yesterday =P

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