Mid-Autumn Festival Self Syok Celebration

September 13, 2011

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival ! 中秋节快乐 :) Mid-Autumn Festival meant a lot to me. I still remember when I was a kid, I used to play lantern with my relatives and siblings, eat mooncake with my neighbours :) It was.....so sweet.

I couldn't get to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival since I was 15 because I was having PMR, then 16 and 17 I was having SPM trials, 18 because of A-levels and finally now, I can celebrate it. But too bad, I'm not in Malaysia to celebrate it with my family. Have to wait until I graduate to celebrate mid-autumn festival with my family =/

Anyway, I celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival with my friends ! First time celebrating it in New Zealand and with my two girl friends from Malaysia :)

We dine in Kwang Chow Restaurant because apparently it's the best Chinese restaurant in Dunedin !
Ma po tau fu ! The tau fu is so smooth !
We didn't have fish for so long so we ordered one. It wasn't cheap, but not that expensive either compared to other Chinese restaurant here.
It looks big ! If back in Malaysia, I eat much. I admit I eat so much more now xD
smells really good too.
I don't need to explain how delicious it taste. Just by looking at the picture makes my saliva drip. Haha.
The tea was not ordinary drink. It's "tie kuan yin". You can find it anywhere in Malaysia but not here. I think they import it.
we bought Mooncake from Golden Harvest Restaurant (another Chinese restaurant but we didn't dine in there today)
yellow lotus O.O
Liki and Kah Yenn
Liki, Siew Lee and Kah Yenn

Before going to this restaurant, I read some reviews online and they say the foods are awesome but the environment is plain and ordinary. If you want to dine in for foods then this is the place but not for environment.
Does this look plain and ordinary? LOL Not to me.
It was actually quite packed but I took this picture around when they're closing the shop. 3 of us didn't meet for so long had a long chat until the waitress have to ask us to pay the bill lol.
I think they closed downstairs. If they open, it's really quite a big restaurant.
Thanks to the 2 sweeties for celebrating Mid-Autumn festival with me :) Boyfriend was not free because he was busy studying for his test. Huhu. Nevertheless, girls night out was fun. We chat and laugh (so loud) like nobody's business lol.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to everyone who is reading my blog :)

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  1. The ma po taufu looks really good! I'm alrdy salivating :P

  2. yeah it was good :) Kinda spicy though XD


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