Shopping With Boyfriend

September 14, 2011

Usually I'll go shopping with boyfriend after my test but last Saturday, he was busy studying so we went shopping today as replacement for last Saturday xD

One of my favourite boutique is Glassons now. I know some people really like it while some don't really like it, and some rather say you can "get it anywhere else". I reckon the quality is the one that matters. It's not cheap but you pay for what you get.

spotted the hat that the model is wearing
and so I bought it XD It was the last one in the shop. I have been wanting to get it but I was waiting for sale until I saw there's one more left in the shop and they say they have not been stocking it up for weeks. So I just grab the last one, managed to get it at 5% off too.
It's kinda wind-resistant. Lately the wind is crazy, I tried wearing it on street and it was okay. Probably not when the wind gets real strong.
Had Salmon Don at Minami. It was $12.00. Bumped into Siew Lee and her flatmate there too !

As you Sports fan should know, the Rugby World Cup games is now held in New Zealand from 9 September - 23 October. So cool to be in a country where they held World Cup games lol.
Saw this cute stand at Meridian Mall and forces boyfriend to stand there while I take a picture of him. Haha.
trying to be silly =P
the body is way too big for my head
Notice how NZ and Aus flag look alike. Just once star difference. lol.
All-black fans shirt with the players signature on it.

While we were shopping, we saw this...
O.O It is eat-able too ! I'd probably buy it for my friends in Malaysia. Like how Carmen bought boobs jelly from Japan for us LMAO.
The western version of Jelly boobs.
like you put in water and it expand? LOL I have no idea.
Marshmallow shaped-penis and chocolate. I really think my A4 Gangster would be so interested to see this lol.
Why is there so many weird things happening in NZ? LOL. People must have thought like I'm some kind of pervert posting all this things in my blog after the penis post.

Anyway, I have lab to go :) Yeah, every fornight on Wednesday I have lab at 6-9pm even though I have no class on Wednesday. Tata.

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