Thank God It's Friday

September 23, 2011

Yay it's finally Friday! I feel so tired waking up 7.30am every single day and walk to University for class. I remember when I first came here, I took 15 minutes to walk to my class when in fact now, and I can reach there within 2 minutes LOL. I need to walk for 6 months to get that speed. So now, I don't have to wake up early if the lecture class is near.

Chee Li Kee
My wish. My first class every day is 30minutes walk from my place. Of course, now with me muscular leg (after walking for months) I can reach there within 10minutes =D I can practically walk like a zombie. Yippee.

Shopping is necessary after class! Went out lunch with boyfriend and his friend then just shop for a little while. Because the shopping mall located in the center, I sort of have to pass by all the other shops, and I am lure to enter =____=
Bought this 100% Merino clothes from Glassons for only $20.00. Since it's Spring now, they are having Sale for Winter.
I love the design of their shop ! So pretty ! They are now selling clothes to raise fund for Breast Cancer :) These shirts and accessories are designed by NZ designers such as Karen Walker, Huffer, Trelise Cooper, Zambesi, Ruby, Twenty-Seven Names and Cybèle
seeing things in Smiggle
nawww so cute ! I'm gonna buy some stationaries from here and bring back Malaysia for my little cousins :D
Tried this dress from Dotti. It was like $79.99 but it's on sale for $29.99 now ! Should I get it? =X

It's Friday and since everyone is taking a break from studies, I made 腐竹薏米白果糖水 (Bean curd skin, barley and ginkgo dessert) ! Yummm it's so delicious! I think I'm really a pure Asian lol.

Okay lah, gotto go for movies already! =) Happy Friday everyone!

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