After HUBS192 Term Test 2

October 01, 2011

I'm finally done with HUBS192 (Human Body System) term test. And also learnt a lesson: The harder you study, the HARDER the question they asked. FML. The test today contribute 7% towards final. Come on, it's just 7% can't you be generous to us? The test seriously ripped me off today. It's not just me that think so. Try asking my boyfriend's opinion about last year's test too Lol.

After term test, I hang out with Siew Lee. You just gotto release all the stress you have gone through before and during the test :D

Chee Li Kee
Had rice ball from Tokyo Express for lunch
Brynn and Devind
together with boyfriend and Devind

Girls just love trying on clothes and camwhoring in fitting room eh? This is the first time camwhoring with Siew Lee in fitting room and we looked damn awkward LOL
Chee Li Kee and Siew Lee
well it's not that bad. I like that yellow top of mine. Spring clothes are so pretty!
Tau fu fah
Chopstick 101 is the second place I know that sell tau fu fah. I love eating tau fu fah and they say tau fu fah and make skin looks smoother right? Used to eat a lot back in Malaysia. It's so cheap back there. I have to get this for $4.00 here. =___=
Chee Li Kee
Meet up with boyfriend again around 6.00pm and we had dinner at Korea House
Brynn Ong
Boyfriend with his cool medical jacket. =D
Chee Li Kee
the reason why I can keep camwhoring here because no one was looking. Korea House is usually full by dinner time but I was there early hehe.
Chee Li Kee
omg my lips look like bird's beak lmao.
we both ordered bibimbap ! It's the most original bibimbap you can get in Dunedin. $13.00 each.
On the way back to boyfriend's flat, I saw some sakura flowers
Chee Li Kee
so excited :D I love Spring. The weather is awesome and the sun sets later, plus the flowers blooming !!
Chee Li Kee
Nah the weather isn't cold. I'm just wearing down jacket in case it rains (because wethaer forecast says it will rain today =X)
Spring Flowers
Pinkish-white sakura
Yellow Flowers
Wait until Summer, you can see here covered with colourful flowers
Chee Li Kee stick man
Spotted a huge stick man on the road. Look how tiny I am LOL.

Feel so much relaxed after hanging out. I seriously need to study hard for finals since it has the most weightage. 25 more days till finals ! Gambateh Li Kee ! =) For now I need to help boyfriend to type document and watch drama weeeeee XD

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  1. My friend is working in Chopstick 101 :P All the best for your finals!

  2. Hello my friend! I wish a fantastic weekend for you, with very smiles and peace! Greetings from Rio de Janeiro/Brasil. Visit me when you can

  3. hello, i find your blog so interesting and thats good .you find time to enjoy your free time after an exam..may you continue to gain knowledge in what you pursue..happy weekend.

  4. hi.. its a nice share. i was followed no.182. follow back please. regards from indonesia.

  5. >Hilda: I know someone from Malaysia working at Chopstick 101 too ! Maybe we know the same person haha.


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