I'm Gonna Be Lonely

October 23, 2011

Was just browsing through my Facebook and stalking my friends haha. Suddenly, I just miss Nataneal.

(ignore that random behind =.=)

The guy who is not pure Chinese but speaks Chinese better than me LOL. I'm so gonna miss him when I go back Malaysia this holiday. For the past 7 months of my holiday before I came to NZ, he took me out to eat, movies, and exploring KL. We still keep in touch EVERYDAY even though he's in UK and I'm in NZ. We're like....buddies lol. Now this time I'm coming back Malaysia while he is in UK.

Who is gonna bring me around and lunch/dinner/movies/party/shopping with me? =(

Nata!!! See I so good publish a post all about you. =P

Anyway, Rugby World Cup Finals gonna start in 30 mins time! I'M BACKING BLACK!

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  1. It's really good to have such close great guy buddy (: When are you coming back?

  2. Yeah :) I think it's harder to find girls buddy =X I'm coming back soon teeeheeee

  3. I agree, male friends can give more opinions but I do have female close friends too.

  4. Ahahaha is so niceto make friends especially someone like him. I'm sure he'll be touched that you blogged about him xD

  5. >Evelyn: yeah :) I only have few female close friends. Guys more LOL

    >Punk Chopstick: Haha. He was so happy when I blogged about him :P It's nice to have friends like him :)

    >Mr Lonely: Hello!!


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