Lunch At Huntsman Steakhouse

October 11, 2011

Apparently Huntsman Steakhouse is the best restaurant that serves steak here in Dunedin. We had our first visit in this restaurant today because we got a special voucher from TreatMe =)

This week is actually my last week of lectures/classes/lab. Actually my Biostatistics classes are ceased already and it's just revision for Biochemistry and last lecture today for Human Anatomy. I chose to go for 8.00am Biochemistry and 9.00am Human Anatomy because after that, I can have more time to do my stuff.

So after finishing all my classses today, I meet up with boyfriend at Huntsman Steakhouse for lunch.

Chee Li Kee
I really think I have become fairer.
We ordered special steak of the day. Medium cook.
Chilli Corn Carne
and Chilli Con Carne
Chilli Corn Carne
looks yummy eh? We waited for quite some time before it was served. Need time to cook the steak haha.

I must say, the steak here is really yummy ! Not that I always eat steak in Malaysia (but if I could remember the last time I had steak in Malaysia), it's more delicious here XD And for the price, it's not that expensive. The lunch were only $12.00.
Brynn Ong
Boyfriend say he will come back and visit here again.
Brynn Ong
"So shall we go now and stop taking pictures?"

Weather is so nice today =) Want to go out shopping but have to study because finals in 10 more days !

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  1. liki...i'm enjoy read ur blog,nice and some time very funny..beside that i'm also can improve my english language..hehe..cannot wait for ur next post...hehehe..

  2. Thank you for your support sweetie :)

  3. You does look fairer and I definitely thinks that your skin is so much better now *envy* Teach me how!

    Yumyum Chilli Con Carne looks like tofu with minced meat!

  4. Yeah but my scars and pimples become more obvious because my skin got fairer T.T Your skin nicer than me le.

    HAHA yeah the Western version of tofu with minced meat lmao.

  5. you are quite beautiful and your boyfriend also good-looking too :)

  6. Thanks for your compliment ^^

  7. The food picture makes me drooled. The fries look very yummy!! Btw, your bf gave a very good face emotion in the last picture. XD


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