The Smurfs Toys

October 03, 2011

This is to all the big fans of McD Smurfs toys :D I have been getting emails and texts (yes, even to my Malaysia SIM card lol) asking me to get the Smurfs toys from McD after reading my blog post.

I can help you to collect and courier it to you (anywhere in the world).

Here are the lists of Smurfs toys that are still available (Updated: 16-10-2011, NZDT 19.23):

Singing Harmony
Smurfette Hair Care (Limited Stock)
Clumsy's Magic Wand (Limited Stock)
Dizzy Baker
Grouchy Popcorn Walker (limited edition- Not available in Malaysia) (Limited Stock)
Papa's Potion
Hefty Weight Lifter
Gutsy Dancer
Greedy For Smurfberries (limited edition- Not available in Malaysia)
Brainy's Toast (Available Now)
Vanity In Love (Limited Stock)
Jokey's Suprise Box (Available Now)

To order, write me at "Contact Me". Please include the amount and which Smurfs toys you want. I will email you the prices of each toys.

Note: Based on first come first serve and it is definately more expensive than Malaysia =)


Will update this list every now and then so please refresh it everytime you read.

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  1. Wah, indirectly helping McD do business! xD

    P/S: You removed your cbox?

  2. Haha :) Helping people to complete their toy collection :P

    I removed it for quite a while O.O

  3. hahaha... they got so many variety of toys compared to malaysia one :)

  4. Yeah that's what I heard too. Oh well =/


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