There Aren't Enough Days In The Weekend

October 02, 2011

It was the last Rugby World Cup games in Dunedin on Sunday. It was Ireland Vs Italy. I wanted to go to the town and watch Rugby with the crowd but was dragged to Medical Library by boyfriend instead. There goes my Sunday =.=

The weather was treating us so good that day so I managed to wear like I'm going to the beach.

Chee Li Kee
Hat from Glassons, Marc Jacob rainbow dress, leggings from Glassons, Sketchers Shape-up shoes, sunglasses from Anna Sui and Uniqlo tote bag as my outfit of the day.
Chee Li Kee
Heading to the Medical library with style lol.
It is the first time ever I've seen Dunedin so jam-packed. Usually the streets is as quiet as a ghost town. Never knew Dunedin had so many people LMAO. Nah, some of them were supporters from other country =) Big fans of rugby team.
This "shiny" guys always appear in EVERY big occasion.
Chee Li Kee
The weather got cold by evening and I had to wear microfleece from Uniqlo
Chee Li Kee
Super tall guy that was jumping around the street. Yes, literally jumping. How did he do that again?
Road was closed for people to watch Rugby match in bars and restaurat. Some restaurant purposely bought a big screen TV for the games.
As you can see, green (majority) is Ireland while blue supports Italy.
Boyfriend, Devind and I walked pass Octagon to get Asian foods for dinner. All the other restaurants around the town was filled with people! We had to walk further to get foods.
Fried Tofu with Spring Onion on rice
Ordered fried tofu with spring onion on rice.

My friends are gonna call me dumb for eating Chinese foods in western country lmao. Food is the closest thing to home okay? T.T

By the way, the rugby match of Ireland Vs Italy was 36-6. =D

I felt like weekend passes so quickly. It was just yesterday that I finished my HUBS192 term test and tomorrow class starts. FML. Oh yeah, all my term tests are on the weekends. Awesome much.

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