True Friends Never Serene

October 27, 2011

Sorry for being MIA xD I am Featured Blogger of Nuffnang this October but I didn't constantly update my blog! Sorry to my readers T.T I promise I will make it up after my finals ok? Don't give up on me :)

I just finished my second paper, Biochemistry yesterday ! Boy oh boy, they said Biochemistry is the hardest paper ever. Hopefully I did alright xD Now it's 11 more days till my next paper Biostatistics! It's time to take a little break after cramming for Biochemistry.

By the way, I AM COMING BACK TO MALAYSIA!!!!!!!!!!! Well, very soon :) Can't wait for all the foods and shoppings, events, movies, parties and so much more!! There's so many things I want to do back in Malaysia!

I miss my crazy A4 Gangsters! Only some still in Malaysia though =( All went outstation for study.

Can you guess which is me? LOL

They love me so much until they took effort to edit my original picture of this:
Chee Li Kee



Chee Li Kee

Great job, Wen Jie. No wonder you are studying Graphics Design and Illustration now :P

They also planned a surprise birthday celebration for me last year.

Chee Li Kee

And smashed the cake on my face.

Wondering what happened to the cake?


Nah they are really smart. The smaller ones are to meant for "mask" for my face while the big ones is for them to eat. LOL.

How crazy can they ever be? And we are no longer high school students FML. 7 years of friendship :)

Anyway, I need your help :) I'm coming back to Malaysia with my Korean girl friend. And she asked me to bring her around KL for 1 whole day. Any suggestions?

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  1. haha ! Good luck and all the besy in your final ! Faster come back ! oh , you can bring your korean friend to shopping , see , historical place , KL Tower , KLCC , makan nasi lemak . hehe. Much more la. =D

  2. Thanks Jayren :) Yeah my korean friend say she wanna eat and see places more. She don't really want shopping :P One day only bring her to where? T_T

  3. Wow, Nuffnang's October featured blogger, good luck in your final ya! Welcome back to Malaysia in advance first. Hehe.

  4. Yeah :P Just lucky. Thanks Luporti!! I can't wait !!


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