You Are Braver Than You Believe, Stronger Than You Seemed and Smarter Than You Think

October 09, 2011

One of the parents asked their kid.

Parents: What you wanna be when you wanna grow up?
A 5-years-old kid: Power Ranger !!

Nawwwww. I find it so cute haha. But really, they haven't even been to primary school or high school. Even some people in college now doesn't know what they wanna do in future.

Even if they say "I wanna be a doctor!"........sound dodgy to me lol. Kid's ambition is pretty much influenced by their surrounding. Or inspired by someone. Don't be so stressed about what they want to be in such young age. Calm down.

When we grow up, we are exposed to more stuff. Learning to see things from a different prospective. But it's the childhood memories that we all miss the most. And in fact, it affect the way you think and are now. I think those kids without childhood memories is just, sad. I had a pretty amazing childhood memories haha :) Growing up, everything just have to be so realistics. Sometimes, it's a smile from kid reminds me of my innocence =)

How nice if we could just be kid and don't need to worry about things right? We know that it won't happen. So let's all be strong and face the shit. Don't let any failure stop you from where you are now. Nothing in this world has no solutions. You'll never know what lies ahead of you.

Some random stuff. Just got tagged on Facebook a picture of me walking in the snow during Winter last 2 months ago.

Chee Li Kee

Isn't it epic? Haha. Nothing is impossible.

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  1. LMAO ! Credits to Siew Lee for snapping that epic picture of me fighting the wind and snow LOLLLLLL

  2. Yalo. Getting older, humans getting less daring to dream. Humans dream getting smaller while growing up.
    A story my friend told me,
    20 years old: Honda accord
    25 years old: Honda civic
    30 years old: Honda city
    35 years old: Honda EX-5

  3. i agree with you...hehe it would be amazing if we always be a need to care n worry about what happen around us...but it just a dream right...glad to know you lika...have a nice day..

  4. >Luporti: LOL I never thought of that.

    >Siti: yeah :) There's always a small child in our heart even though we're grown up xD

    >Diana: Thanks :)

    >Siew Lee: sam pat lah u lol

  5. seee everyone love the photo I took LOL *zi lian-ing*

  6. Yes yes. The pic does look awesome actually lol.

  7. That pic look so nice to me..
    Looks like suitable for book cover..


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