You Have Feet In Your Shoes

October 13, 2011

Unless you are smart enough to figure out the meaning of the title of my blog, this post is about:

A) finishing my first year and that I am the one who decide where to go
B) my secret love affair with shoes

"So I killed two birds with one stone" xD

It's officially the last day of class today! Hoooorayyyy...No more Biochemistry or Human Anatomy lectures, revisions or labs. All subjects are ceased now. It also marks the end of my semester two of year one in University.

Chee Li Kee

Time passed really quick in Semester Two compared to Semester One. Honestly, I enjoyed Semester Two very much. I've got more time to study and do my own stuff at the same time. Unlike the poorly-organised timetable in Semester One. Somehow, I already miss Semester Two in Year One. I've met more friends and finally got to settle down.

Weather today is awesome! It's sunny and chilling at the same time. Enjoyed the sun very much^^ Boyfriend and Devind went to library after lunch while I went shopping alone :) You just have to get used to doing everything yourself when you're overseas.

Never actually tried Maxi dress before because I thought it'll make me look shorter.

Chee Li Kee

What do you think?

Lately, I'm so into loafers.

These ones from Glassons are so pretty! So, I went up to the lady in the shop and asked.

"Do you have size 35 for this?"
"Oh you mean size 4?"
"Erm, we do have one for kids but it's a different style, you may not like it... (while showing me those girly shoes with flowers and bling bling)..The smallest size we take in store is size 6."

What surprised me more is, the smallest women shoe size they take here are all size 6! And even the girl's shoes are some even bigger than size 6! Sadly, it means I couldn't get ANY shoes from NZ. Better appreciate those few pairs of shoes that I brought over from Malaysia Huhu.

I like how some loafers have thick heels because it's easier to walk. For example,
Marc by Marc Jacob heeled loafers pump

And of course, they have it in flats too. One of the loafer styles I like is this,
Picture of Wifky Lace-Up Patent Loafer 1022547445 (Loafer Shoes, Wifky Shoes, Korea Shoes, Womens Shoes, Womens Loafer Shoes)
Well of course I would want it in black but just a picture to show you what type of loafers most people here wear.

Honestly speaking, the shoes here are so pretty. The boots here are so cheap compared to those you get in Malaysia. But too bad, their smallest size for women is Size 6 and even so, Size 6 is pretty much "limited stock". Looks like I need to ship my shoes from Malaysia already. Hopefully they have pretty and cheap loafers in Malaysia :)

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  1. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  2. amzing...the smallest women shoe size are all size 6???wow..that means all the people there have a large foot liki..i suggest u to purchase a lot's of shoes when back to malaysia...kikiki

  3. Time really flies huh? So fast done with first year alrdy! SIZE 6? OMGGG NZ girls sure have big feet :O

  4. >Siti: I'm also surprised that the smallest size here is size 6 lol. Yeah the people here really have big foot size =X I will buy a lot and ship back LOL

    >Hilda: yeah can't believe too. Finished first year huhu. I know right, size 6 lmao.

  5. She's gonna be like me. Can't buy shoes here LOL


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