November 11, 2011

Been shopping for 2 days :) Yay I love HOLIDAYS! Somehow you have made lots of thoughts about how you want to spend your holiday exactly but when it starts, you just don't know where to start and how to spend your holidays haha. It would really help if it wasn't rainy today =_= Well at least it was sunny yesterday.

Really want to get these asymmetrical skirt. Looks so pretty!

Chee Li Kee

Siew Lee taught me how to dress following NZ fashions. I can't afford the clothes here and I barely have time to actually look at how people dress. I don't actually care about fashion here. How fashion can you be in such a small town and everyone buy clothes from the same shop?

Chee Li Kee

That's when online shopping come to hand. Everyone does online shopping here. It's cheaper to get things online and also, they are delivered straight to your house. Save the hassles.

Anyway, remember when you're still a kid, well at least when I was still a kid..I had a bucket of legos. Since when do legos become so expensive? What do kids nowadays play with?




Went out shopping with Angela today. Oh felt so accomplished making our own grass. Yay.

Since it's a special date today (11.11.11), boyfriend and I went out for dinner. We celebrated our 1000th days anniversary today. It was supposed to be 2 weeks ago but I was having test so we chose to celebrate it today.


Had awesome dinner at Kwang Chow Restaurant. Having yummy foods makes me happy =D

Everyone is leaving Dunedin already. I better start packing too.

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  1. I want one of those asymmetrical skirt too but so expensive in Msia T_T Wow, 1000th day alrdy!

  2. How much is it in Malaysia? It is not cheap here either =___= Yeah 1000+ days to be exact lol

  3. Same same oh. Can't wait to look forward for the holidays but when its here, I'm lost and don't know what to do and then I can't wait to go back to work .____.!


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