Happy Birthday To Daddy and Boyfriend

November 30, 2011

Just a little birthday shoutout before the day is over.

Happy Birthday to Daddy and Boyfriend!!

I love you both to the max! Daddy was so happy that I came back from NZ to celebrate his birthday with him but I felt sad for boyfriend because he is celebrating his birthday alone overseas.

Nawww..I miss my boyfriend too :) I sang Happy Birthday song to him right at 12.00am NZ time yayyyy :D My boyfriend was so cute with his happy face. SHOOO CUTE!!!

I went to 1 Utama with my little brother today and got jelly cake for daddy's birthday!


:) I miss jelly cake XD They aren't sweet too! ♥

What about boyfriend? How can I forget about him? :) Thanks to Siew Lee for helping me to get a cake for boyfriend. Got him Banoffee pie. That greedy boyfriend ate all before he take any pictures of it haha. Got him presents too :)

Ahhh, the day when both of the most important men in my life was born.

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  1. They shared same birthdays? :D Nice, next time can celebrate together HEHE

  2. haha yeah they shared the same birthday >.< 巧合 haha


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