I Live For Foods

November 20, 2011

When I first came back to Malaysia, the first thing I told myself is "I WANT TO EAT ALL THE NICE FOODS IN MALAYSIA!"

A4 Gangsters are most important friends in my life. So the first friends I meet up with when I'm back was with them. Too bad everyone were outstation except Chin Ming,Leon, Calvin and Wen Jie. Wen Jie not free today so only went out with 3 of them.

Leon took me out to eat pork noodle somewhere at Taman Megah. Ahhhh..it was awesome! I never had such oily foods for long lol. It was actually quite expensive. RM6.80 =X

Then we decided to go for desserts!
Calvin and Liki
Chin Ming, still as crazy as ever
a really fast-snapped picture

We went to Snowflakes at Damansara Utama. Awww, I miss desserts too T____T
I think it's called Japan Combo
One of their best seller
Another of their best seller
Chin Ming, Calvin, Leon and Liki
I used to shop here in this shoe shop in Damansara Utama. They have really pretty shoes but it's not cheap =X

Walked to Sunway Giza and it still looks the same since I last saw the mall.
Thought this book cover is kinda cool xD

We then went for a movie at Midvalley. Watched 那些年,我們一起追的女孩. I think guys would like the movie. I thought it was just okay. Kinda not used to Malaysia cinema now. The seats are quite small lol. And I'm kinda immune to aircond now. I went in Cinema with short sleeve and short pants, I didn't feel cold at all. Chin Ming and Calvin told me the cinema was quite cold. LOL.
Went to Little Penang Kitchen and ordered cendol. Maybe because it's been a long time since I had Cendol, it taste really good!
Finally managed to eat PROPER Char Kuey Teow. In NZ, the Char Kuey Teow has brocolli and it doesn't taste like Char Kuey Teow at all. ={
Chin Ming strongly recommended Gong Cha to me
To be honest it is kinda special. Never had such drinks before

I can't wait to eat MORE food here in Malaysia! Anyone got more suggestions around here? Someone bring me out to eat!!!! Haha.

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  1. Haha. You really live for food. I have been eating so much nice food after you back here. Hehe. Anyway, I wish to eat that snowflakes so much. It was being recommended by some bloggers. I hope I have chance to eat it. Hehe.

  2. Snowflake ftw! which is the place we bumped into each other too. Such a small world after all :P Go and have nasi lemak and chili pan mee! Something you can't have in NZ lah (:

  3. >Luporti: I need to "sapu" all the foods in Malaysia! Haha. Yeah you should try Snowflaes if you haven't :)

    >Hilda: yeah FTW! :D I've tried nasi lemak and chili pan mee when I first came to KL HAHA

  4. Okay. When I go KL, I will try to have a try on it.


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