iPhone 4S

November 12, 2011

Unless you have been living under the rock, you should have know that by now Apple has released its newest electrical device known as iPhone 4S. It was just released on the 11th of November 2011 in New Zealand.

I just found out around 4.30pm and when I went to the shop, they have sold out all white. I wanted a white iPhone. So I decided to walk to Telecom the next morning to try my luck to see if I could get one. Boyfriend accompanied me in the morning to Telecom and luckily they still have stock! And they sell cheaper compared to Vodafone.

[Only Vodafone and Telecom can sell iPhone without plan. And btw, New Zealand cannot sell locked iPhone =) ]


Taaaa-daaaa my whole set of iPhone 4S. Telecom was so generous. They gave me free SIM Card with $10.00 inside too. Lucky for me because my 2 degree phone has no more credit and I didn't wanna reload before leaving back to Malaysia.


My dreams came true :D


My pretty baby


Includes charger, dock and headset like usual


Boyfriend help me stick screen protector


After setting up, it's ready to use!!

I love my iPhone 4S. The camera is awesome!! And I keep abusing the Siri. HAHA.

Some funny conversation between me and Siri:

"Good Morning!"
"By the way it's 2.16pm now"

"I love you"
"I hope you don't say it to other mobile devices"

"You're so cute"
"Don't mention it"


I love my parents! Thanks mommy daddy :) Oh yah, got iPhone 4S for my elder brother too =___=

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  1. Wow, I thought you just got Iphone 4 bfore you go to NZ? So niceeee!

  2. >Hilda: No I got iPhone 3GS before I go NZ haha

    >CuteBun: Malaysia released date is 16 December I think :)

  3. It works in NZ! Siri Work in KL or not! :D

    Same price in NZ / Malaysia? Just asking hehe

  4. Haha. Yeah of course Siri work in KL. But if you ask location then only US and UK can use :P

    Of course Malaysia is cheaper >.<

  5. wondering how much this cost in new zealand :) its a great mighty phone!

  6. iPhone 4s, so enviable. it's so pretty.

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    btw, iPhone 4S so awesome. and i like it so much

  8. >FiSh: It is more expensive to buy in NZ. Wait till it's out in Malaysia :)

    >Anne Lee: yes indeed :D

    >dwa_wisnu: I love my iPhone 4S too ♥

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